Happy Saturday! I skipped #screenshotsaturday last week so here, take 4 new shots. That’s DOUBLE what’s usually posted on a SINGLE Saturday! You are totally getting your money’s worth here at Captain Forever uh…Central…?

Animation! Effects! PARTICLES. These are the things that make you feel good when you look at a game. And now, there are 900% more of them in CAPTAIN FOREVER REMIX. That’s why Brian and I have been so busy.


It’s been a busy but productive week!

Bchan and I spent a whole bunch of time looking at the state of the project as a whole, sorting out what work remains and getting a better sense for the scope and shape of what the final game is going to look like. In other words, we did a bunch of boring, slightly stressful, but incredibly important production work, like great big grown ups. We are both so proud.

Whenever we weren’t elbow-deep in Trello, we both wanted to do something fun. So we started creating the mutated menagerie that you’ll battle across the solar system!

I’m glad that enemies now talk back instead of just silently and diligently blasting away at you.


PAX was great, and I wanted to thank everyone that dropped by to play at SIX!

This was the first time the game has been shown in public and to completely new players. And it was EXCELLENT. I was reminded of just how genius FARBS’ original concept for Captain Forever really is. Usually you go into these things suspecting you’re going to find that your game makes ZERO sense to new players, but instead I ended the day feeling overwhelmingly confident that the game is on the right track. Everyone who played the game “got it” and immediately had a blast building crazy ships while their friends watched on.

I got to show the game to a mix of people who had played the original web-based game, and some who had not. There were also a bunch who’d heard of REMIX and came by to check it out.

Fans of the original game were very excited about the additions we’re making to REMIX, which was a huge relief! I’m back to work now and feeling completely revitalized, as tiring as PAX can be (I did at least dodge the PAX POX this year).

I’ve been on vacation for Australia for a few weeks too, and while I was gone Bchan was chipping away at the game, adding lots of polish, and experimenting with some structural changes to how the game flows. We’re exploring those ideas more deeply now and they’re very exciting. Can’t wait to show more very soon.